New Media: Internet, Self and Beyond

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Creeping up, in what seems like overnight, has been an explosion of challenges to long standing belief, ethic and political structures. All of a sudden, old political regimes are being crippled by their peoples’ ability to be in touch. By the populations harnessing the power of collective intelligence and communicating using new media, oppressive dictators are falling faster than US banking stocks during the GFC.

New media has provided us all with an opportunity for civic engagement. Whistleblowers and keyboard warriors have substantial platform to field their issues. Whether voting in an online survey, commenting on a YouTube video or blowing open the previously classified information of a major political force, we now all have the chance to chatter about our beliefs in a public way.

Freedom of speech is a basic human right. Self regulation should be a basic human responsibility. Hold a smart phone in your hand and you now have a portal to text, tweet, or post. This capability has been revolutionary to some and costly for others. Before you hit send, double check what you are saying is worthy of the potential audience it is about to be open to.




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